We will hike about 16,5 km, we are so blessed with the weather: 24 degrees! It will feel less hot as we will climb till 1504 m. This will be the highest point of our trip.

A beautiful sunrise over Rabanal, after breakfast we are going to Cruz de Ferro or iron cross.

At the Iron Cross pilgrims place a small stone or other object on the mound at the foot of the cross to ask a blessing or as a symbol of leaving their burdens or sins behind. When we arrived there were not many pilgrims around. Except for a bicigrino couple (bicicleta and peregrino=cycling pilgrims). They were hugging and crying, very moving to watch.

All kinds of objects people leave at the Cruz de Ferro.

Cantabrian mountains.


A steep descent into El Acebo village with 12 permanent inhabitants.

We treat ourselves to accommodation including pool, but unfortunately hasn’t open yet.

We enjoy our sunset…


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